There are different kinds of guest rooms in the Garden of Gospel Peace Retreat Center. The rooms are simple, but all have private bathroom and airconditioner.

 Our Lady of Angels Building

VIP rooms:

♦ bright room with view on the garden and pond
♦ 1 queen-size bed (for 1 or 2 guests)
♦ hot water
♦ Wifi                                               (maximum 2 rooms are availabe)

Medium Size Rooms:

♦ room with view on front square or garden
♦ 2 single beds
♦ Wifi
(maximum 9 rooms / 18 beds are available)



Small Size Rooms:

♦ room in a bungalow with view on garden and pond
♦ 2 single beds
♦ Wifi
(maximum 8 rooms / 16 beds are available)


St. Anthony of Padua Building

Medium Size Rooms / St. Anthony of Padua Building:

♦ room with view on garden or pond
♦ 2 single beds
♦ Wifi
(maximum 2 rooms / 4 beds are available)





Room VIP OLA 3Room VIP OLA 2Room VIP OLA 1Bathroom VIP RoomBJDS Dining Room 1Medium-size Room St. Anthony Building 3Medium-size Room St. Anthony Building5Medium-size room, St. Anthony Building 2OLA Chapel 1OLA Chapel 2OLA Chapel 3OLA Chapel 4Room medium size OLA1Room medium size OLA2Room medium size OLA3Room medium size OLA4St. Francis Dining Room 2St. Francis Dining Room 3St. Francis Dining Room 1