Spiritual guidance

There are different kind of retreats. The Garden of Gospel Peace Retreat Center offers the infrastructure for a retreat, but the retreat is made by the retreatant itself.

Personal Retreat (single or small group)

A personal retreat in our Retreat Center is a time of solitude. The retreat is held in silence. The retreatant tries to find inner peace. Reflection, prayer or meditation are the main exercises during the retreat. The guest is free to participate in community prayer and Holy Mass. For guests who wish to have some spiritual accompaniment there is a Franciscan priest available for individual talks in English, Thai and Indonesian language. Accompaniment in Thai language is available on request. Please contact the Retreat Director.

Group Retreat

A group retreat is organized, with one or more preachers. Usually the retreat has a specific topic. Groups who come to the Garden of Gospel Peace Retreat Center bring their own preacher. If you do not have a preacher, the Franciscan Friars are available but with a prior request and confirmation.